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Matrixxneo User
8. Aug 2018, 08:26 Uhr

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Update v2.1.2:

Free Features

Map modes now are able to show claims - diplomatic map mode shows claims of selected empire by default

Added the Kuiper Belt to the Sol system

Added several new event pictures

Ctrl-F9 now also hides system lines and navigation arrows

It is now possible to rename the currently selected faction in faction view by clicking its name


Re-enabled pre-sapient discovery Anomalies for the AI

Existing Horde fleets are now removed upon Great Khan's death and replaced by a fixed number of replacements

AI empires are now more likely to find L-Cluster insights after 100 years have passed

Increased levels of precursor anomalies across the board

Balanced anomaly levels according to QA and player feedback

Marauder empires are less likely to spawn close to an empire's starting system

Rogue Servitors & Assimilators can now once again pick World Shaper perk

Reduced frequency of terraforming candidates by about 50%

Reduced min distance at which Fallen Empires can spawn from other empires

Fixed some fallen empire tasks being able to target other fallen empires


Only ships that are docked in a starbase with upkeep reduction will now show as having a green orbit icon on the outliner, other ships in orbit around something but not receiving an upkeep reduction will show as yellow


It is now possible to set anomalies as should_ai_and_humans_use = yes which will allow them to be used by both AI and human empires (overrides should_ai_use)

Added on_added_pop on action for when a pop is added to a planet

Bug Fixes

Numerous OOS fixes to improve multiplayer stability

Fixed issue where acquiring an L-Gate and the L-Gate activation tech out of order would cause the L-Gate special project to fail to appear

Names for country designs are not duplicated anymore

Marauder raiding fleets are now always deleted a year after they start to withdraw to prevent rare situations where they get stuck

Added missing localization for Great Khan leader titles

Fixed template manager displaying wrong military power

Fixed event trigger preventing Rudimentary Robots chain from continuing once you colonize their planet

Fixed Colossus Tech being reverse-engineerable from debris

Federation requests between two empires belonging to the same species class should now present correct localisation

Fixed Curator cost checks to avoid truncation problems

The AI no longer considers fleets that are running away as support in their current endeavour

Fixed the AI thinking unreachable systems are the closest systems

Fixed Cloud Lightning being hidden and unavailable as a component

Impossible Organism Nivlac Empire should no longer be placed on a Holy World or in a hostile system

Fixed the bug where ships were losing health while merging

Fixed Pacifist Defensive Wars Only demand to trigger properly

Fixed issues with upgrading designs twice in the Template Manager

Fixed issue where ship designer would not show the difference after researching new tech

Fixed issue where players could change components on auto-generated designs

Auto-upgrade is now considered as an update and can be saved

Strategic Resources generated via events will now trigger the Strategic Resource discovery message

It is no longer possible to construct event ships from starbases

L-Cluster strategic resources will no longer appear on terraformed planets or Ring Worlds

Fixed nonsensical requirement to have a free Leader slot in order to buy L-Gate Insight from the Curators

Event text for opening the L-Cluster is now correct if only one L-Gate exists in the galaxy

Fixed typo in Great Khan dialogue

Limbobots can no longer be used to colonize worlds

Limbo can only trigger once per game globally

Fixed errors in Vechtar Zavonia event chain outcome

Fixed on_entering_system event not being fired in your own systems. This fixes bugs like the shrines to the old gods not being completable

Fixed non-sapient robots getting the wrong species rights in a Machine Empire

Fixed certain opinion modifiers from distant stars events not going away over time

Fixed defense platform cost not being correctly calculated

Fixed instances of fleets getting stuck

Fleets that cannot have their leader assigned or removed will now show this in the interface

Resolved an error where Fanatic Purifier style empires could get an alien scientist from an anomaly

Tweaked War in Heaven to generally have more AI empires picking sides among the Awakened Empires rather than staying neutral

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7. Aug 2018, 22:45 Uhr
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